About VT Hackney

VT Hackney encompasses two of America’s great transportation brands with Hackney and Kidron. Since 1946, Hackney and Kidron have specialized in vocational body and cab products built for customers representing the World’s most recognizable products. Our diverse product line targets efficiency and safety in product delivery in dry, refrigerated and multi-temp distribution methods. We are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner by reducing our environmental footprint. View our Environmental Sustainability Policy.

If you look carefully, you will see Hackney and Kidron trucks parked at your favorite restaurant, neighborhood grocery store, or even at your neighbor’s house. Every time you purchase a soft drink, juice product, energy drink…or even an adult beverage…it is likely that product was delivered in a VT Hackney truck. When you pick up fresh milk from your grocery store, check the ripeness for the perfect avocado, or eye the best grade of meat, it is likely VT Hackney played a role in getting it there.

Yet our reach expands beyond food and beverage. From the plumber fixing your house, to the vending machines in your work lobby, to the rescue truck racing to the next emergency, to the garbage man picking up your trash… it is likely VT Hackney was involved.

At VT Hackney… We Keep the World Moving.